Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are about data. Data driven solutions for building automation systems offer control, integration and measurable results that  improve the customer experience or reduce operational costs.

Using intelligent devices control we can improve the tenant experience and increase security.

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Multi-tenant facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Airports

Download our whitepaper, “The Smart Building Value Proposition”.

Physical Access Control

Delphain’s completely cloud-based access control portal is built to be managed from anywhere you are. Manage credentials, monitor all access activity, and assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time. Our cloud andmobile enabled platform lets building administrators control access for tenants, employees or guests and manage access with full traceability. 

Administrators and users with roles based permissions can lock and unlock devices in person or remotely with ease. The platform enables security alerts and notifications which can also be received on any device in real time.