SecuRemote Technology

Technology Platform

How does SecuRemote add value to the process of developing mobile device interoperable products? Very simple, by:

  • Removing the typical complexity and cost associated with wireless and cloud connectivity
  • Adding more flexibility and scalability to product design, and
  • Making the new product development process faster and more cost effective

Modular Architecture

The platform provides an integrated modular system of hardware, embedded software, and application software that can be used for existing products and for the development of a wide range of new products.

Key Technology Components

Key Technology Components

  • Smart Module makes products "SR-enabled" by providing wireless network connectivity and interoperability between such products and Smart devices. It is added to an OEM product via a simple interface.
  • SR Bridge provides a perpetual link between the cloud and SR devices and networks via cellular or internet connection.
  • SR App works with all major mobile OS.
  • SR Portal (SRP), a secure and scalable cloud system is designed for both consumer and OEM use.

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More on Technology Components

Smart Module. FCC-certified module that contains BLE radio processor hardware with embedded software in a small footprint that can be easily incorporated directly onto an OEM PCB board via direct soldering or wire connector during PCB or product assembly. The Smart module extends the product functionality through a custom logical interface and provides wireless connectivity and interoperability with any mobile device supported by the SR mobile app. For features and specifications, see SR Devices.

SR Bridge. FCC-certified as a product that contains Classic Bluetooth and BLE radio processor hardware with embedded software. Both hardware and embedded software of the SR bridge have been architected in a modular manner so that the module can assume a variety of different functions as a complete standalone SR product or as part of an OEM SR-enabled product. For features and specifications, see SR Devices.

SR App. The free app automatically recognizes all SR devices within Bluetooth range. The top UI layer (common to all SR-enabled products) allows the user to control Settings, Devices, Users, and Status. The menu structure, and the home page UI are tailored to the specific functionality features of each device so upon selecting a device the app loads the specific menu for that device. The app is supported by Delphian on a continuous basis to leverage new OS features, capabilities, and improvements which are included in the periodic app releases.

SR Portal (SRP) Supports powerful administrative, security, and device functionality. Architected as an enterprise-level cloud system to handle high volume traffic and transactions. Customizable to provide immediate event notification through various technologies, including mobile device alerts, E-mail, web services, and HTTP requests. Provides "intelligent monitoring" such as comparing log entries to interpret events and uses patterns (such as comparing the record created when the user initiated an authorization request with the record of whether the smartphone operated the device successfully or not) to enforce different rules such as "one door open at a time", or "one transaction a day", etc. Hosted on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform in secure data centers.

Product Design Flexibility

The platform gives product design teams the power to enable different features for different products and line extensions without having to worry about backward compatibility. Extending the range of differentiated product applications can drive market penetration breadth and depth.

Product Design Flexibility